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Keeping a Journal has never been easier

All My Journals is a Diary and Journaling tool that lets you record your thoughts and impressions in a simple and accessible interface. Multiple different Journals at your fingertips - just double click the All My Journals icon and start typing.

Suggested Uses

What will All My Journals do for you?

My Private Diary

Keep a daily journal of your thoughts and impressions. What happened, and how did you feel?

Dream Journal

Document your dreams every day in detail, and use the simple search facility to look for patterns.

Daily Scratchpad

Note taking, day by day. Refer back to your notes from days, weeks, months and even years ago.

Study Diary

Keep track of how much time you spend working on each subject, and highlight each milestone as it's reached.

Dieting Journal

Record what you ate each day, along with a calorie count and your weight that morning.

Music Practice

Document how much time you spent in front of the piano or playing your guitar, as well as the highs and lows.

Prayer Journal

A simple daily journal that documents your prayers. AMJ is proving very popular as a Prayer Journal.

Medical Journal

Are you under Doctor's orders? Is your husband? Document what you took and when you took it - you can always refer back to it later.

Good Things Journal

Keep a record of all the good things that happen each day. You'd be amazed at how full that journal can become.