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6th April 2013 - Nothing to Report

Everything is grand. No bugs to fix, no feature requests acted upon. Though, there is one minor issue in the pipeline relating to the performance of the spell checker.

23rd March 2012 - Version 1.043 Released

Minor update for US users that changes the start day of the drop down calendar to Sunday. The change is automated and tied into the regional settings.

29th February 2012 - Version 1.042 Released

Spell Checker added. English language at the moment, but this may change over time. In line with the rest of the product, it's a bare bones spell checker with very few options - red underline only, no pop up dialogs.

Speed increase for thumb drive installations. A change has been made that changes the way All My Journals works when run from a portable drive.

3rd February 2012 - Version 1.033 Released

Minor bug fix relating to leap years. Required update for existing users if they plan to write any entries on February 29th this year. A small number of obscure bugs were also fixed in this release.

1st December 2011 - Version 1.031 Released

This release contains cosmetic changes. Tooltips (sometimes called hints or hover text) are now switched off five days after first use. This will benefit long term users, who no longer need to be reminded what a button or link does.

14th November 2011 - Version 1.03 Released

There are two major additions / changes to version 1.03. Up until now, each release of All My Journals has focused on writing, and making it as easy as possible to get your thoughts down. This release focuses on reading old entries, and on making that as easy as writing.

  1. All My Journals Reader has been added. This is a read-only popup that allows you to read entries for a Journal on a month by month basis. It includes easy backwards and forwards links, and quick open and close shortcuts (Ctrl+R and Esc).
  2. New popup calendar opened from the Day link to make jumping to a particular day easier. Days with content are marked in bold.

18th October 2011 - Version 1.027 Released

Changes to correctly handle current date settings when All My Journals is kept open for days or weeks.

14th October 2011 - Version 1.025 Released

Adds a drop down menu next the Month menu to make jumping to a particular day in the month easier. Shortcut keys have also been added for easy access to the Year, Month and Day menus. They are:

  • Change Year: Ctrl + G
  • Change Month: Ctrl + M
  • Change Day: Ctrl + D

12th October 2011 - Version 1.023 Released

Corrections to display issues on Windows 7 PCs running Large Fonts.

Minor bug fix affecting thumb drive installation.

7th October 2011 - Version 1.021 Released

This version includes printing options that allow users of the licensed and trial versions to print all or part of a Journal.

It also contains a fix for a bug that affected copying and pasting unicode characters (Russian, Greek, etc.) into the Journal.

3rd October 2011 - Version 1.001 Released

The first licensed version of All My Journals was released today. This version includes:

  • Multiple Journals
  • Journal Navigation area and Journal Manager
  • Comprehensive search facility

A 45 Day Trial version is available for download containing all of the above features. At the end of the trial period, it will revert to the free, single-journal version unless a license is purchased.

12th September 2011 - Version 0.111 Beta Released

This is the first beta release of All My Journals, and it contains all of the functionality that will be present in the free version of the software. A few points to note:

  • Though it is classed as a beta, this does not mean we expect users to find many (or any) bugs. The software has been heavily tested.
  • Core functionality will not change between now and the first release version, which means it can be used without worrying about whether or not your Journal will be accessible in future versions.
  • It never expires. Previous year's Journals will always remain, and there are no limitations to the number of years it can be used.

If you do happen to discover any bugs or even areas of the software that you feel could be improved, please let us know. And watch this space for details on new releases. We expect the Pro version (with additional features - multi-Journal support in particular) to be ready in October.